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Emaraat .pk  constantly look into the profitable investment opportunities for our valuable customers and keep them updated with the current and future projects throughout the country, especially in the capital city Islamabad,. On the other hand, we facilitate property dealings between buyers and sellers for smooth transfer of ownership and deal with other legal matters. Our Services Virtually all the services related to the purchase and sale of property can be considered to be under our scope of business. Find list of most commonly sought for services below. We facilitate the property selling and buying process by all the responsibilities and legal obligations and making your deal strictly legal with all procedures followed by the book.


Why to prefer we are best to buy a property?” is a question, online visitors have their mind. The answer is simple; you have hundreds of options for each category and at every major location across Pakistan. In addition, we know that a property is a major decision-making decision; you will always make your life in. And we care about it. Therefore, we consider you provide a transparent transaction procedure and aiming at the market both property buyers and advertisers for the same accessible. This is the reason; Homes Post is gradually becoming the leading online real estate portal in Islamabad to search properties and market Investment in Islamabad

We have since been the fastest growing property portal in Pakistan, and is now attracting thousands of unique visitors on monthly basis. Therefore, not a single other online property portal is a better choice than your property advertise and serious buyers to attract. In addition, we are busy finding out unique and better ways for your property, with our property, and interest customers from quick response. We are proud being named as “Islamabad ‘best property portal”. Finding a right tenant for your home or finding a right rental property! Both are hard tasks. However, the rent section of HomesPakistan.com offers this regard in the user’s hassle free experience. Do not go after our words; give it a try yourself.


We deal in commercial and residential properties, but not limited to homes, apartments, flats, shops, offices, factories, shopping centers, warehouses, agricultural land and residential / commercial plots. Property Dealers in Islamabad work with all major and legitimate housing societies of Islamabad and Karachi including Bahria Town & DHA. We work with top builders and help you build your dream the way you want. We keep you updated with the current market prices, investment trends and upcoming projects. We analyze future investment opportunities and help you minimize the risk on your property investment portfolio.

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